Rashmi Oberoi

Juggling Many Hats

Rashmi Oberoi knew how to shrug her past and move forward. Now as a corporate trainer, HR consultant, and a freelance writer, she is able to experience a form of independence. She believes that this not only makes her stable but also provides a solid foundation for her family.

Born in 1969 in Pune (Maharashtra), Rashmi Oberoi is presently living in Gurgaon (Haryana), India. She is a single parent. She went through an unhappy marriage that forced her to make life-changing decisions that were extremely poignant. Either a bad marriage can destroy you or you can come out of it stronger. Rashmi felt there was no middle course. Rashmi says, “This is when it all comes down to your inner strength, your determination and your perseverance in dealing with situations that life throws at you. You have to rise and face these tough situations defiantly. Family support and understanding are the key underlying traits. As if they say "if there is a will, then there definitely is a way out and the strength of a woman can never be taken for granted!”

She has two wonderful children Shefali and Mayank and three beautiful dogs at home, a Cocker Spaniel called Pepper, a rescued doggie called Tashi and a Labrador called Pasha. Her children completed their schooling from the prestigious ‘The Lawrence School, Sanawar’. Her son then went on to attain his BBA degree at the G.D. Goenka World Institute, Gurgaon. Her daughter is currently pursuing her BBA degree from the Amity Business School, Manesar. Being an army officer’s daughter, Rashmi has been very lucky to travel and live all over India and spend a few years in Malaysia and U.S.A. Her mother is a Maharashtrian and father a Punjabi; she has imbibed the best of both the worlds. She is extremely proud of her heritage. 

She graduated from St. Bede’s College, Shimla, India and then completed the I.A.T.A - U.F.T.A.A diploma in Travel and Tourism from Geneva, Switzerland. Rashmi taught French for a while before moving on to freelance writing. She started with middles in newspapers and articles in magazines. She also devoted time to oil painting, sketching, calligraphy, ceramics and copper enamelling. She has done the art, sketching, and calligraphy of a colouring book for children during her short stay in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Rashmi was keenly interested in writing stories for children, which led her to write two storybooks. Her first book - ‘My Friends at Sonnenshine’ published in 1999 by Writer’s Workshop, Kolkata, India. Her second book- ‘Cherie: The Cocker Spaniel’ was published in 2009 by the same publishers. Rashmi taught in a nursery school in Panchkula for a couple of years and loved the interaction with her little friends. She simultaneously pursued higher degrees in education in her mid-thirties completing her B.Ed., M.A. in English and PGDBA in Human Resources. She then moved into the corporate world of human resources, worked with GE for a while, and now is a freelance HR consultant and Corporate Trainer. 

Her love for writing takes precedence of course and she spends a lot of quality time pursuing this passion. She now writes articles and middles regularly for The Citizen, Daily Post, The Tribune, Soldier2ndLife, Taazakhabar News, and other print and online magazines like Defence Watch, Salute and Fauji magazines and FnB World. She also contributes children’s stories to Neev - a monthly children’s online Indian magazine in Melbourne, Australia and articles to Indian Weekender, an online magazine for the Indian community in New Zealand.

Rashmi knew how to shrug her past and move forward. Sitting pretty now as a corporate trainer, HR consultant and a freelance writer to boot was no mean feat. It has taken her years to reach this position. Lots of hard work, perseverance, burning the midnight oil diligently and of course truckloads of patience. However, it paid off, the tough times have disappeared, and Rashmi is able to experience a form of independence that is not only stable but provides a solid foundation to her family.

Rashmi in her unassuming and quiet manner portrays many facets of a woman. The many roles she juggles and the many hats she dons. Rashmi believes that every day is an opportunity to celebrate the women who have paved the way towards our progress. At the same time, it is a tribute to all the women who have fought across time, space, against all forms of discrimination, exclusion, marginalization, violence, and the lack of equal opportunities for women. She uses her writing to shed light on all things standing in the way of true equality for women. We all have an obligation to finally make subordination of women an issue of the past.

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