Lata Arjun Chaudhary

The Helpful Lady Conductor

Pramod had not only missed his bus but also lost his baggage while traveling by an MSRTC bus. Lata, a female conductor came to his aid and helped him locate his baggage. This patient and kind woman spared her valuable time to help someone in need. She is truly a beacon of light for others.

I, Pramod had gone to Aurangabad in Maharashtra from Nagpur for the 15th day ceremony after the demise of my mother- in- law. After the function got over, I decided to return by an MSRTC bus in Oct. 2016 from Aurangabad to Nagpur. After 2 hours of the journey from Aurangabad to Nagpur my bus reached Jalna city. Both the driver and conductor stepped outside the bus. As I had to go to urinate urgently I too stepped outside the bus, and in the meantime my bus left in front of my eyes. But fortunately I noted the bus number.

I had panicked because my baggage contained important documents, papers and diaries which were all in that bus. As elderly as I was, I went from pillar to post hunting for a bus stand. Thousands of passengers and MSRTC staff were there, but no one paid any attention to me. However, a lady conductor noticed me and came forward to ask me what the problem was. She patiently listened to my story and immediately acted on it.

She informed the Controller at the MSRTC and gave me the Controller’s number too. She informed me to keep in touch with him, and made arrangements so that my baggage would be dropped off en route at a bus stand. She also gave me her mobile number as well as asked me to follow up from time to time. She then guided me towards a bus on that route and alerted the ongoing stations to unload my luggage accordingly.

However, she was then called in by her bus driver who reminded her about the bus schedule as MSRTC is particular about maintaining its bus schedule. But still she shared 3 valuable minutes for me. In the mean time I went to the Jalna bus station control room. I overheard that on some bridge about 3 km away there an MSRTC bus accident. The next moment, I boarded another bus on that route. After 3 km, I saw a road block due to the accident.
I got down from the bus and went through the crowd and found my original bus and my luggage was safe in that bus. All my worries come to an end. I thanked the MSRTC conductor, Lata Arjun Chaudhary, who despite her busy schedule spared valuable time for my cause. Hence, I salute all women, who are certainly a fountain of courage, sacrifice, strength, grace and dignity.

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