Purnima shirishkar

The leap for women's empowerment

There is a saying in Marathi "Mulgi sheekli, pragati zhaali!" And that is what Purnima set out to do. Her work in women’s empowerment is giving the ordinary women the wings they so needed.

Advocating "Women’s Empowerment" all over the state of Maharashtra to endorse and encourage women, get them enlightened with the knowledge they require to bring out the best of who they are and portraying the society the beautiful presence of women... as it goes with the saying, "Mulgi sheekli, pragati zhaali!"

To affix stepping stones towards this affirmation, she has not only encouraged women to get more well-versed with their specialty in food preparation, but also got them embolden to launch new services for other women, so they can gain and 'earn' an identity of their own, as she says this to each and every woman she interacts with, "Just do it. Be different. Be unique."

When the term 'entrepreneurship' is put forth to the audience, they are mainly into thinking either about economics or about finances. But here, she is also emphasizing onto the lives of women around by trying to make their lives a bit better, especially if they have any kind of bruises from their past experiences they faced and is not letting them move further in life. One of the most successful initiative taken by the ZHEP Udyuogininchi under her complete leadership and assistance was the successful marriages arranged and been done of two acid attack survivors, and also providing them suitable dwelling schemes so that their lives should get a bit lucid and more beautiful.

J.K Rowling quoted, "It's our choice to show up who we truly are, far more than our abilities." Keeping up to this perspective becomes challenging for women, especially when she belongs to such kind of a society where issues like "Gender Equality" and "Women Rights" are yet confined within the walls of several conference halls and auditoriums.

But as said before, it's challenging, and not impossible.
So here comes forward a sharp introduction for a woman, whose contribution for the welfare and development in the fields of entrepreneurship and social assets is massive. Making entrepreneurship to scale new heights when one's success is kept under consideration, and also by giving opportunities to several women to live free, liberal lives, here we have Purnima Shirishkar among us.

Purnima Manish Shirishkar is the founder at ZHEP Udyogininchi as well as the Director at Day 2 Day Profit Stock Market Exchange.

Felicitated by Pankaj Munde and Sanya NC at Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and also by Poonam Mahajan at Shanmukanand, Matunga, she's also an article writer for Prahar newspaper - Women Entrepreneur edition.
She has also conducted 100+ financial freedom workshops for women entrepreneurs all over Maharashtra, another step to embrace it to everyone that women can make wonders happen in this world.

And it seems that her hard work and dedication is paying off. Her achievements as,
- The Best Business Entrepreneur from B2W 2013
- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Puraskar from International Human Rights 2016
- Women's Day Award from various business clubs
- Mahila Udyojika Puraskar fom ME Udyojak honour 2016
- Financial Management Award by Indo-Global Chamber of Commerce
- Women's Social Entrepreneur Award from World Trade Centre, Mumbai, has proved it all.
Words would fall short if it's tried to explain that how much honour and respect women have for her. She made us feel proud, once again, for being women, for being who we are, and also motivated us to encourage and cheer ourselves to follow what our heart says to do, making us realize that we women are actually worth more than what we think of ourselves, about who we are.

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