Anju Bhagmal Jamwal

The Humble Achiever

Anju was mocked by city kids in college yet she stayed true to her roots. This humble girl never refused to help anyone in need. Today, this hardworking woman is the director of her very own dubbing studio and focuses on her nephew and niece.

This is the story of my best friend, and my soul sister Anju Jamwal, who was born in Sandhole, a small village in Himachal Pradesh. I would like to share her journey right from her birth till date. She was born while her mother Geeta was working on the fields. I guess that’s why she is close to Mother Nature.

She studied under the sky, a school with no walls. But she moved to Mumbai for further studies. She joined a college in Andheri (East) where students would make fun of her English, her looks and her overall personality, as they were all from the city and she was from a village.
While studying she also used to help her father in distributing milk and newspapers early in the morning. Whatever pocket money she used to get, would go into her piggy bank (She has always been a good saver).

After her studies she joined Mr. Gajendra Chauhan as an assistant for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and then moved on to assist Mr. Kapil for Hum Paanch. We met on set while shooting for Veer Savarkar directed by Mr. Ved Rahi in the year 1998.

I still remember how I used to go to the set by a cab and she used to walk down from NITIE i.e. Powai to different locations with just one banana or a guava as her breakfast.

Having faced struggles and hurdles in her life, today she is now a director of a company called Mayukhi In Sync Pvt. Ltd. (It is a company which has a four setup studio and dubs foreign language content in different Indian languages).

She has always lived for others. Anju is a good soul, always helpful whether she knows the person or not is irrelevant. There are many such incidents where she has proven to be a good human.

Today, she lives for her nephew and niece, and her main ambition is to give them a better life. For me she is an achiever.

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