Poonam Ladha

Wings of Fire

Despite hailing from a small town from Rajasthan, Poonam never stopped dreaming big. She always wanted to do her own business and today, she is a name to reckon with in the garment field.

Poonam belongs to a business family in a small town called Kuchaman City in Rajasthan. Girls in the family were not supposed to go out of city to study and no career was ever envisaged for any girl. Married women were expected to wear only sarees with the head covered completely. Poonam had dreams to be independent, but she ended up marrying at the age of eighteen, after studying only till class 12th.

The married life brought new challenges for her. The in-laws were no different from her own family and the responsibilities of managing a joint family at such early age was not an easy task. While she was still struggling to learn cooking through phone with her mother and aunt to keep the family happy, the responsibilities increased multifold after birth of her son Raj at 20. Panshul was born at the age of 22. For few years, the only focus was family and children.

Even between all those busy years, her fire wanted to get wings. Six years ago, when Poonam was 28, she wanted to start her own business. She discussed her dreams with her family, but most of them were not supportiveunsure of the idea since no woman in the family has ever done anything else but to be a housewife. She was determined and fortunately her husband Manoj was supportive. She started on her own, from her home.

She has always loved shopping and with her experience of being a buyer, she realised that there was no good shop selling high quality sarees in her town Kishangarh in Rajasthan. People had to travel to Jaipur to shop for good quality sarees if they wanted beautiful designs. She saw an opportunity and started on a journey to look for wholesalers who could supply what she wanted. She started to buy from Jaipur first and slowly also developed her sourcing network in Kolkata and other places. With very selective approach in purchasing, in a short time she became known in the whole town. Without any marketing or advertising, just with word of mouth and even with appointment only sales, she has the top clientele in Kishangarh. She also has clients from New Delhi, Chennai, Bhilwara, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai etc. Starting with a small collection of sarees, now she deals with suits, kurtis, bedsheets and lehangas as well. The whole first floor in her home is dedicated to this. She has already purchased a land and soon plans to construct a big showroom now.

This is a success story of determination and hard work. She is an inspiration to everyone around her. She is also helping few other women to start their businesses.

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