Arundhati Yatish Mhatre

The Bird Saviour

Arundhati is a software engineer with a deep love for nature. This bird watcher started a social enterprise Arenya, an initiative where people can contribute to the well-being of birds by using shelters and feeders. She also conducts workshops and exhibitions to spread awareness on the same.

Being a software engineer in the city, was suffocating me. But for the love of my family I had to thrive there and keep myself happy. Then one fine day I received the gift of a bird shelter box and my journey started from there. I started observing the birds nesting in the box, the birds around my balcony, and I started watching birds and butterflies.

I started experiencing the magic of Nature and it soothed and calmed me. I started roaming the forests all over India to watch birds. But somehow I managed to keep all this joy a secret to myself. So, I decided to share my joy and passion by starting an initiative, called Arenya (

We brought into the market bird feeders and bird shelters made of bamboo, coconut and clay so that people can buy them and can experience the magic of rejuvenating their lost connection with nature. We started organising workshops where we taught them how to create bird feeders using recycled material.

We work with schools and also conduct awareness sessions about the lovely birds found in the city. Slowly and steadily we want more people to think about what we are doing to Mother Earth, the soil and water. We hope that after they get connected to the different aspects of nature, they will eventually become conscious in the process of day to day living and can enjoy the small things of life.

Now, I no longer feel so suffocated in this plastic world as I know I am doing my best to give back to Nature!

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