Prashasti Arora

Styling all the way

Fashion runs in her blood. But it took a health scare to jolt her into giving her passion, a direction. And she is glad, it did.

I am a software engineering student, who loves fashion and styling. Whether it is styling my own outfit - days in advance or helping out my friends put together one at the last minute, styling people is something that makes me happy like nothing else. Or at least that’s all my friends say, “The happiness when you finally put the perfect outfit together is evident on your face”.

I was a normal teen living her life, until this incident that changed my life. On February 3rd, when I woke up and realized that I couldn't see with my left eye. I was taken to the doctor, I was put on medication - drips, injections, pills et al. Obviously, my family and I were scared of what this could mean for my future. Honestly, all I could think of was how I wouldn't be able to work on my blog, if this trouble continued. Much to our relief, I had completely recovered in about a fortnight. But it did help put a lot of things into perspective - and I started with something that I had been contemplating since the last two years - my fashion blog.

With a lot of encouragement from my friends, I started my blog (a site on Wordpress, a Facebook page and an Instagram handle - all that shenanigans) and started putting up pictures that I had clicked, photos from shoots with friends and trips, reviewing products and blog posts on topics that I feel girls of my age would like to read. Currently I am pursuing my engineering, along with blogging. About after a month of first starting my blog, I started working as a Campus Ambassador for POPxo. And now, a YouTube channel might just be on its way.

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