Gayatri Mishra

A Mother To All

Gayatri is an example for all of us to fight negative circumstances and come out to be powerful, no matter how hard it gets.

This is a story of my grandmother, who is a living legend and inspiration for us.
She was born in June 1928, long before independence. Her father was in defence during those days. During her school days, she was a badminton champion.

She spent her childhood while fight for freedom was on peak. She got married at an early age. As per Indian culture those days, being a girl from a Brahmin family, it was a rule to get married even before you turn 15. She was ambitious, but wasn’t given a chance.
She got married to a Zamindar, in a joint family. After marriage, she moved to a village from the city. It was a challenge for her to accept and deal with so many people in the village, appliances, kitchen, and everything around her. No doubt she fulfilled her responsibilities in the best way and became the favourite bahu in no time.

Then came a time in her life when she heard that her daughter- a mother of two small children, committed suicide. Everything was blank in front of her, she was helpless at the time. It was a moment full of sadness, emotion and a responsibility of those two small kids.
She brought the kids home, but it was difficult to stay in a village with kids, where there was no school or hospital. She decided to do a job and take care of her grandchildren.
She came out, found a job and helped those kids to grow. Besides that, she helped poor and needy women throughout her life. She continues to do that now, setting an example for all of us to fight negative circumstances and come out to be powerful.

Thank you, God, for giving me such a woman in my life as my dadi, a social worker and an inspiration.

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