Rajni Agrawal

A Multi-talented Lady

Mrs. Rajni from a young age was very talented with great managerial skills. At the age of 23 she became the principal of a private school. Today at the age of 55, she is the founder of an eco-energy company. This wonder woman still manages both household and office responsibilities with ease.

A revolutionary company with a mission to eradicate non-renewable sources from main stream multinational industries and to increase the income of rural farmers took shape in the year 2008. The organisation dwelled itself upon a mammoth task of organising India's vast untapped agricultural waste market and to channelize the waste been burned in open fields as a useful resource. Even though the company faced a lethal disaster in just 3 years of its formation due to a fire at the biggest plant, her strong leadership and unmatched determination was able to bring the company out from the cusps of doom and was also able to prepay all the term loans and debts guaranteed.

The problem of stubble burning in farms of Punjab and Haryana which chokes New Delhi every year seems to be missing from other agrarian states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The reason being the waste which is burnt in the fields of Punjab and Haryana is treated as a treasure in other states. All because of the efforts of one company lead by a powerful leader and a visionary based in South Gujarat.

Mrs. Rajni Agrawal is the founder and promoter of M/s PR Ecoenergy Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2008, struck an idea of using the agricultural waste been burned in open fields by deploying harvesters, balers and other modern machinery in the fields of mustard, soya, cotton, groundnut shells, etc. to convert them into compact cylinders (known as briquettes). These cylinders shall be used in place of coal and oil to produce steam, heat and power in industries. Mrs. Agrawal’s strong financial discipline and business policies is hugely credited and known for turning around the company’s balance sheets even after facing a massive fire in one of its plants after 3 years of inception.

Mrs. Agrawal not only demonstrated the importance of saving every paisa but also imprinted a fundamental example of patriotism and a responsible citizen of India by pre-paying the entire long term debts of company much before its due dates. She has benchmarked policies and sound fundamental practices of managing funds against stalwarts in the Indian Industry.
Mrs. Agrawal always seemed to have a knack of delivering the unbelievable from a very early age. She joined as a teacher at the age of 20 and rose through the ranks to become the principal at the age of 23 for a private school in Kota - a renowned educational city of India. After getting married, she took a break from her professional life until she became 45 years old. She then entered into the field of insurance and within 6 months she was awarded as the best insurance advisor of her zone. This was just the beginning of her 2nd innings of an illustrious career. She was bestowed with several other accolades and awards before she decided to call it quits after 4 years and put her attention and focus on PR Eco Energy.

Since her active involvement in business matters - after 2008, the company has seen a huge growth. She established a strong foundation and has the making of a global behemoth in the decade to come. At the age of 55 she still manages both household and office responsibilities with ease. She never eats food cooked by others and when confronted with about her age; she says with her beautiful poised smile - "Age is just a number, what matters is that you keep on working and keep on moving."

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