Anupama Dalmia

I did what made me happy

Anupama Dalmia resigned from every belief that resisted her love for dance and took charge of her life. Today she is a successful mompreneur in all her ventures.

Anupama Dalmia is a professional writer, an award-winning blogger, the founder and owner of 'Rhythms & Beats' which is a dance enterprise, co-founder of 'Tingle Your Taste Buds' which is a popular cookery website and also a social activist. Donning many hats comes naturally to her but the journey so far has been far from easy. Like everyone else, she grew up with the belief that she needs to complete her formal education and get a stable job for her - stable as per the conventions of society.

Her dreams to become a professional dancer were often mocked at by many. She chose the conventional path and went on to work for a leading IT giant after completing her post-graduation. Though she was doing extremely well for herself, she could sense that this job was not her true calling. When these emotions started overpowering her, she took charge of her life and resigned. This step was met with mixed reactions and many termed it as a foolish move. But, nothing deterred her because she realized that it was better to fail on a path that she chose for her than succeed at what people deemed was right for her.

She then went on to do everything that she had always wanted to do. She took to choreograph professionally and also created a cookery website for her mother which reaches out to millions today across the globe. She also became a social activist, started volunteering with NGOs to make a difference in her own little capacities. At times, she was told that it is fine to do what she was doing for 'time pass'. But, there was no stopping her. Motherhood happened but she carried on with an unwavering spirit. She also rekindled her love for writing after she became a mother. With support from the family, she made it her profession.

Today, she is a mompreneur and successful in all of her ventures. She also ensures she gives quality time to her daughter. She is living life on her own terms and is encouraging and inspiring more women to do so through her story which has been published on online platforms. She also blogs regularly on social issues. Anupama hopes to see an equal world someday which is devoid of biases and stereotypes.

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