Kanchana Banerjee

Dream it, believe it.

Kanchan aspired to see her name on a book, since she was a child. Now, she is a successful author who believes - dreams do come true but only if you wish for it to come true.

I always knew writing is what I wanted to do. Born in a Bengali family, I grew up surrounded by books. My earliest memory as a child is the time when the whole family sat down to read their respective books. Bapi (father) sat with heavy historical books, grandma and mom with their Bengali books and magazines and I sat with my 'Enid Blyton'. Visiting book fairs and book shops was a part of my growing years. Seeing rows of books displayed, I used to wonder if my book would be upon this shelf some day. I grew up to become a freelance writer with publications and companies, but fiction eluded me. My dream was my constant companion, it dream didn't let me sleep; it hounded me, almost screamed inside me, asking me "Why?"
I think destiny has a plan for everyone. We just need to be ready and work towards it. In the end of 2013, I moved to Gurgaon with my family. I got a chance to meet an enterprising woman, now a dear friend. She led me into the world of writing workshops, publishers, literary agents and authors. Just like that, I began writing my first novel in Jan 2014. I finished my first draft by September. The same year, went to "Bangalore Lit Fest" and participated in a contest where I pitched my novel. It was noticed by a senior editor from Harper Collins. My debut book - 'A Forgotten Affair' was published by Harper Collins in Sept 2016. "If you dream it, you can do it and if you dream with all your heart and soul, work hard towards it, the universe does conspire to make it happen for you." I'm the living proof of that.
My novel is a gripping relationship drama. A fast-paced story, the book touches upon sensitive topics of emotional abuse, the identity of a woman and her quest to find herself. The book has been very well received. Female readers have identified with the protagonist, her dilemma and emotions.
My second novel is also done and will be out soon. I hope to keep writing stories to touch the hearts of my readers and I wish to spread a message to women-"Don't let your dreams die, if you don't dream, no one else will dream for you and certainly, no one else will make it happen." So, dream, make it come true and yes, fund your worth because you are so worth it!

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