Vineet Siwal

From Betterment to Empowerment

A philanthropist by her thoughts, a humanitarian by action, Vineet is a woman with a purpose who never learnt to look back. She is a social worker with a vision to empower youth, women, and society as a whole with her entrepreneurial skills.

A philanthropist by her thoughts, a humanitarian by action, Mrs. Vineet Siwal is currently successfully running her charitable organization "Green Earth Patron Foundation" and is working for betterment for villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. She is a grass-root social worker and started her journey of social service in 2014.
She is engaged in various ways to create a better, sustainable, and proper livelihood to the rural area of India. She conducts various skill development programmes focused to develop the sustainable monthly earning, to afford a better life, better education, and health. For that, she first enhances their own skill set for example - if a lady knows knitting, she guides them and provide training to turn their hobby into a profitable business that boosts their household income. She also works closely with the implementation of various government policies by providing training sessions to the Pradhans and other local representatives to utilise govt policies for basic amenities in a better way.
Like, if there is scheme to distribute gas connection, making aadhaar cards, she guides and helps villagers to proceed with the formalities to have the best outcome. This includes making them aware of the schemes for the farmers or NABARD for irrigation, agriculture, and cattle livestock, small-scale industries etc. and helps them to proceed with the documentation part as well, as most villagers are illiterates and often lack proper information. She has made her vision clear to bring positive changes to the society.
Earlier, she was engaged as founder and director of the largest manufacturing brand of luxury candles in Singapore and being good with crafts, naturally, she sometimes teaches various ways of craft activities online as well. She has plans for the expansion of her hobby at entrepreneurial level with the unprivileged women to train them and open a mini centre at village level to create a self-sustainable model of earning for those ladies/youth and for that, she left all luxurious life behind to bring sustainable changes to the villagers of India. She was also the voice at Women Economic Forum 2016 for India among 102 countries for sustainable life for rural India and in 2017 for youth empowerment. She was involved to cover most of the aspects to empower the society as a whole, though she is mainly into the empowerment of youth and women. She has always been very vocal and active.
One Million Eyes-Two Millions Lives: Previous year she also donated her beautiful eyes to the All India Eye Bank Association with a pledge of “ONE MILLION EYE DONATION.” Her foundation is now the official partner of the Eye Bank Association of India and working towards fulfilling the pledge taken. Along with this all, she has been working for many villages for sustainable life and model village development.
Her major Initiatives are:
Beti Padhao Desh Badhao
One Million Eyes-Two Millions Lives
She is also honoured as:
Most Inspirational Women Achiever Award by 81st AIAC Excellence Award for 2016
Iconic Women Creating Better World for All by Women Economic Forum (Global) for 2017

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