Ethel Da Costa

The Journo Mumma

When she walked out of her marriage, little did she know what lay ahead. That was yesterday. Today, she has not only carved a niche for herself as a media journalist but also as the perfect mumma of two daughters.

I’m a single mother of two daughters. I walked out of my marriage with two little girls. I was 29 then, having married for 6 years, when I was 23. My first born was 3 years, my 2nd child was 11 months then .

Today, my daughters are 21 and 19, and all through I brought them up, single-handedly, financially and emotionally. I have gone through so much of a hard life, keeping everyone together, healing and building myself, raising myself along with my girls, working harder to bring home enough income, keeping our dreams and spirit together. As a media journalist with the Times of India, Femina, local paper Herald, battling prejudices, today I am a self-made single mother-woman- professional and media-entrepreneur. My dream is to continue building myself as a Media personality, inspire my story to other women and girls not to give in to any kind of abuse and raise themselves, to believe and work harder at their own dreams. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and my girls as I am today.

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