Neha Bagaria

The Shining North Star

Neha Bagaria is an entrepreneur at heart, a Wharton graduate, a wife, a mother-of-two, who woman who restarted her career in order to re-enter the workforce. She is the founder of ‘JobsForher’ – an initiative to is to reverse the female brain drain in the country.

Neha Bagaria is an entrepreneur at heart, a Wharton graduate, a wife, a mother-of-two and a woman who restarted her career, thus founding 'JobsForHer.'

JobsForHer is not Neha’s first entrepreneurial venture. She founded her first company, Paragon, right after she graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Paragon, an educational initiative based in Bombay, introduced the Advanced Placement Program for high school students in India, with Neha also serving as the College Board Representative of India. When marriage brought her to Bangalore, she started working with Kemwell, a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing company, in the fields of HR, Finance and Marketing strategy. Motivation: It’s an important element of starting a business that can significantly influence its success. So what drives women to start up strong companies?
Their successes demonstrate the staying power and growth potential for businesses designed with those goals in mind. Indeed, those goals can be vital; businesses often fail because of a lack of market understanding or unique value proposition. Filling a gap in the marketplace or solving an ongoing problem is the no. one reason for starting a business. What are efforts taken/challenges overcome by you and demonstration of determination/leadership in entering the workforce (As told to Mr. Roy Alexander)

I took a 3.6-year break in my own career when I had my children. During this personal journey, I became aware of the various difficulties a woman faces in order to re-enter the workforce. This opened my eyes to the accomplished and qualified women around me who stopped working for personal reasons such as marriage, motherhood, or elderly care, and then never returned to the workforce. I was shocked to discover that 50% of all working women in India quit the workforce in 3 years, amounting to 10 million graduate and post-graduate women who are currently on a break in India. These facts got the entrepreneurship blood pumping in me and I decided to found JobsForHer on International Women's Day 2015.
I started delving into the reasons behind this female brain drain and it became clear that there are many re-entry challenges that need to be addressed in India. These range from requiring flexibility, regaining confidence, retraining, overcoming biases, and changing mindsets. It made me determined to enable other women to restart their careers and connect them with whatever they require doing so.

Our vision is to reverse the female brain drain from within the Indian workforce. We do so by connecting women who want to restart post motherhood/marriage to companies looking for such experienced female talent available at no notice period. We facilitate various opportunities to women who are on a sabbatical such as jobs, mentorship, career resources, and inspiration and networking opportunities.

When I founded JobsForHer in March 2015, I was told by many women that they were being advised to hide the gaps in their resumes because most companies would perceive the gap negatively. The same was corroborated when we started speaking to companies to recruit women returnees and they brashly proclaimed that they don’t want to hire women or women on a break or mothers! Over the last 2 years, we have made huge effort and progress in changing the mindsets of both the women and companies. Women, so that they feel confident about the gap in their resumes and portray it in the right light and companies, so that now they are not only taking back a huge number of women returnees but companies like Accenture, IBM, Sapient, Credit Suisse, etc. are working with us closely to reach out to this candidate pool.
It gives me immense satisfaction, today when I hear of women restarting their careers through JobsForHer in a plethora of job opportunities. We have seen success stories of women who restarted their careers at companies ranging from Accenture to MakeMyTrip to Begalileo. I see them happy, confident, and excited about regaining their financial independence and sense of self-worth.

We have forged great partnerships with over 2,200 companies across India, including some of India’s top companies such as Accenture, PayPal, Aditya Birla Group, Citibank, IBM, Sapient, Target etc. servicing their diversity recruitment requirements as well as designing and implementing returnee programs for women who want to get back to work.

The various initiatives at JobsForHer are aimed at arming women, not just by providing jobs but also helping them in bridging the gaps through career-related services such as mentorship, resume-writing assistance, second career counselling, confidence building workshops, skills up-gradation, and networking opportunities, to enable them to successfully re-enter the workforce.

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