Nikita Lalwani

Bicycle Mayor of Baroda

Nikita Lalwani recently got the title of first Indian "Bicycle Mayor of Baroda." She founded 'Cycling Cities' in 2015 with the vision to make cities in India - a cycling friendly country.

Nikita Lalwani grew up in Kota, studied in NIT Surat, and joined a German MNC as an Instrumentation Engineer. Her habit of using resources of all kinds in a much-optimized manner made her choose cycling she realized that traffic jams were delaying her commute.
In 2014, she started cycling to commute in order to save time and keep herself fit. This inspired many of her colleagues to opt for cycling too. Soon, cycling turned into a passion, and she began thinking of how she could change the way how people travelled as cities are turning car-centric, when they should be human-centric.

She founded Cycling Cities in 2015, one of its kind of online & offline cycling ecosystem which has the vision to make cities in India cycling friendly with at least 1/3 of the population preferring cycling as a commute option and also as a part of the lifestyle. She herself is an avid cyclist, cycling to work champion because of which she recently got the title of first Indian "Bicycle Mayor of Baroda" by an organization in Netherlands, which is a successful cycling country. She then went on to attend the 'Bicycle Mayor Summit' and biggest International cycling conference - Velocity 2017 and represented India.

She is tirelessly working on her goal to make the ecosystem which helps people get more comfortable with cycling by mitigating the aspects like social stigma, road safety, by bringing cycling into the mainstream through institutes in the cities like office, college, schools, where cycling grows as a culture and cycle regains its lost glory as a happy, healthy and fun mode of commute.

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