Woman Story

Divyaa runs a mobile Shloka School called Gurukulam to basically keep the traditional roots in place. Her past experiences have brought her closer to God and that is where all her knowledge in shlokas and chanting comes from.

I personally believe –‘It takes a big heart to appreciate someone and a small mind to laugh at someone. You can choose to either have a big heart or a small mind…..’

I am a post-graduate in Economics, a Shlokapreneur, a theist in every right…and an extremely confident young lady in my 30’s living in one of the most beautiful cities of India, Bangalore. I love the temples I visit and absolutely long for the annadanams I participate in every Thursday. My frequent visits to an old age home helping inmates, who have been left to the mercy of the Lord, to get free medical treatment and medicines, is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. And yes, my shloka school –‘Gurukulam’ doesn’t remain a dream any longer.

It has been a little more than a year since I started my Shloka School which is mobile. The idea was basically to keep the traditional roots in place. My past experiences have just got me closer to God and that is where all my knowledge in shlokas and chanting comes from…

I started Gurukulam somewhere in October 2014 and worked with a few children between 5 and16 years of age. I held classes in my apartment and found that many parents were keen in sending their children for such classes. Shlokas are taught only in Sanskrit though it is a language which children between 4-9 years have not been exposed to. I read somewhere, that when kids as little as 3 years are exposed to a variety of information, their grasping capacity is spectacular. So push all that you can in their little brains and see them gain as much knowledge as possible is what I believe in.

At this point of time I conduct classes in different apartments, pre- schools, dance schools and studios.

I also teach children on a one to one basis at their residences. These classes are actually called the Mother-Baby Duo class as children as young as 2 – 3 years are exposed to learning shlokas. Here, the mother learns more than the kids and during the week the mother repeats these shlokas with the kids. So here the mother is more the teacher. Mothers are the best teachers!

I plan to expand the services of Gurukulam during 2017 to many more pre-schools, dance schools and Blind Schools. I plan to do this more as a service activity for Blind Schools than as something that gives me an income.

Gurukulam is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore and will be in full operation by end of 2017. At present Gurukulam has close to 50 kids.